tracing my ip address website traffic ok, Petition for Fox News to make a public apology for the statements made about the Wiccan/Pagan community

Hi followers ~ I know you probably don’t know much about Wicca/Paganism, but I’m pretty sure everyone here knows that Fox News is fuLL OF SHIT WOW!

In a recent Fox broadcast a group of journalists made some really disgusting comments about Wiccans/Pagans, as well as said many thing about Wicca/Paganism that just plain weren’t true.

Some of the things that were said/done by the people in this broadcast:

  • Stated that there are 20 of our holidays, when really there are only eight. Example #3409584 of Fox News not checking its facts.
  • The female reporter says “I don’t know any Wiccans but I think on a really bad day I might turn into one”. Absolutely disgusting. Imagine someone telling you that if they were in a shitty mood they just might stoop so low as to practice your religion. I really hope you would be offended.
  • A mockery was rudely made of Halloween. We have a holiday that falls on the 31st of October, but the holiday is not Halloween. Either way, this is unacceptable.
  • Implied that Wicca/Paganism is not a ‘real religion’
  • One of the three reporters says “Every Wiccan I’ve ever met is either a compulsive Dungeons&Dragons player, or a middle-aged, twice divorced older woman living in a rural area who works as a midwife”. Do I need to say anything else about this?

On the link you can sign a petition for Fox News to make a public apology for the things said. There is also a link there to the video of the broadcast in which the rude statements were made.

Even if you are not a Wiccan/Pagan, I hope you can agree that this is disgusting, and it would mean a lot to the Wiccan/Pagan community if you would help us be heard.

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    Agree with the person above me, but perhaps at least awareness will help some?
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    I very much doubt they’re going to apologize, but signal-boosting this anyway.
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    Can we just skip all these other petitions and get right to the point and just petition faux news to shut up and go...
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